What is the ASUC Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President, and what does it do?


According to the ASUC Constitution…

The duties of the Academic Affairs Vice President shall be:

A. To be generally responsible for ASUC relations with the Academic Senate.

B. To be responsible for the appointment and/or selection of ASUC-chosen student representatives to Academic Senate committees, other university committees on academic matters, and campus administrative committees; to provide facilities and resources for the use of all student representatives; and to replace or request replacement of representatives not performing their duties.

C. To supervise ASUC projects and operations involving academic matters on campus, as assigned by the Senate and the ASUC By-Laws, and to serve as a liaison between the ASUC Senate and sponsored activity groups dealing with academic matters, except for those matters falling under the purview of the Student Advocate.

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D. To carry out any other duties as set forth in this Constitution and/or assigned by the Senate.

To sum that up…

The ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President (AAVP) is the official, recognized voice of UC Berkeley students on academic and campus affairs. They work directly with faculty and administration to ensure that student needs and concerns are met in the development and implementation of campus policy. They also appoint student representatives to more than 60 Academic Senate and administrative committees, expanding the student voice in nearly every issue area– from space allocation to campus safety to curriculum and pedagogy. The AAVP office works to support the AAVP by providing strategic support

Our Mission…

The ASUC Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President works to cultivate an inclusive and enriching learning environment at UC Berkeley that supports students’ holistic well-being, celebrates intellectual curiosity, and encourages critical thought. Grounded in the values of community and collaboration, we are committed to building student power in academic and administrative decision-making, developing innovative programs and services, and empowering scholastic excellence and engagement through grants and scholarship awards. We also aim to foster a supportive and educational environment within our own office, where staff and interns understand the critical importance of their work and feel encouraged to pursue their leadership goals.